I have experience teaching since 2004. I’ve completed a course in higher education pedagogy, worked as a volunteer trainer in Seattle Public Schools, have a Trinity TESOL English Teacher Training Certificate, and worked as a trainer and instructor in K-12, higher education, and adult learning environments.

I am committed to designing learning environments that meet students where they are. I draw from the theory of “growth mindset” and studies of learning in group settings. Our skills and capacities are not unchanging. We grow, shift, and can strengthen ourselves over time. As a person, I am learning and growing. As an instructor, I seek to facilitate class as a place of meaningful interaction that is both appropriate to the learning objectives and growth-inspiring.

I’ve developed my pedagogy through practice and study. I give trainings and guest lectures. I read, attend conferences, and have given presentations on topics such as experiential praxis-based learning for undergraduates and feminist pedagogy in online adult education.