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Selections (2007-2010)

| Travel & Features

Bespoke – Bandit Bicyclists in Budapest – Ryan Air Magazine: It might sound cheesy, but bicycling in Budapest is a ‘wheely’ good time; find out why I think so. 

Bicycles on the Bosphorus – Easy Jet Magazine: Escape traffic jams in Turkey’s largest city on two wheels, featured article. Scarier than continental bicycling, but worth a try.

Buda vs Pest – Wizzit Magazine: Why popular Pest is the best side of the blue Danube.

Sundown on Szeged: The Hungarian city’s warm, Mediterranean style offers open-air concerts, Art Nouveau, and pedestrian walkways that channel a history of water and sun.

Just Outside Dubai: On the blog for “global nomads” Janera, I reflect on a trip to Dubai: your best daydream if you come on a tourist visa with a pocketbook full of cash, but come clinging to the underbelly of the modernist project, life is far from spoon-fed.

Above the Kebab Shop: A weekend with Turkish migrants in London brings stories of Italian beaches, human trafficking rings, and the smell of human perseverance.

| Human-Interest

Guardian AngelsVédono, part of the comprehensive maternity care that the Hungarian health care system – despite all of its deficiencies and criticisms – has bequeathed upon women.

Pampered Poochies: In Budapest, beauty goes to the dogs; an increasing number of dogs in Hungary are getting beauty treatments once reserved for their owners.

Edible Beauty: Budget facials in Budapest might be made from the fodder of grocery stores, but it’s much better by professionals. Ooh, relaxation.

Hail a Padernoster: Comically scary conveyer belt-style historic elevators might be illegal, but with a little initiative, they’re still available to ride.

| Fiction

Chicken Paprika (2008 SPUSA 2nd Place Prize winner)

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